About the Plants

Please see About Merch for information regarding the products from Merch section.

Are all plants rooted?

All our plants are rooted in various substrates. The substrate will be states in the description. Occasionally, we may sell unrooted cuttings, but it will be clearly stated in the item name and the description.

How should I handle and care for my new plant(s)?

When you first receive the plant, please examine the whole plant carefully especially the roots. After examining the plant, we suggest all our customers to keep the plant in the original substrate for at least 1-2 weeks in order for the plant to acclimate to the new living condition.

Are these plants newly imported to Canada?

No, we do not sell newly imported plants.

What should I do if I have issues with my new plant(s)?

Take as many photos as possible (or videos) when you first receive the plant. Contact us the first week of receiving your plant(s) if there is any issues. (Sooner the better!) You can use the contact form on our website, or email us at info@planthappens.com


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we only ship within Canada.

Can I pickup locally?

Yes, you can pickup in Richmond, BC if you live in the Metro Vancouver area. Please choose the Local Pickup option when you check out and pick up your order within 7 days. 

What is the shipping method? 

We ship using both Purolator and FedEx depending on the order. We only ship with express option (1-2 business days) as plants should not be in transit for any longer than that.

Return Policy

Can I return my plant(s)?

We accept returns only if:

  • Plant(s) arrived dead
    We are not responsible for the damage occurred during shipping.
  • We are notified within 7 days after your order was received
  • Photos upon receiving were provided as a proof 

Please note that we do not offer full refund for partial damage as it may occur during shipping despite our best effort in packaging them properly. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with your order.

How do I get in touch?

Please contact us using the contact form or at info@planthappens.com

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